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Gas Pipelines Within State Waters May Extend OCSLA

Plaintiff’s employer entered into a master services contract to provide maintenance services for a company’s oil and gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.... More

Court Orders Sale of Seized Vessel Following Default and Unnecessary Delay

Judge Ivan Lemelle recently reinforced the old adage, “if you don’t use it, you lose it,” in a suit based upon the alleged breach... More

Claimant, Not Employer, Committed Fraud

The issue of fraud, prevalent in the workers’ compensation arena, once again reared its head in a case before the Third Circuit Court of... More

Social Media Discovery

In a case arising out of a motor vehicle accident, the defendant issued discovery requests seeking, among other things, plaintiff’s online postings related to... More

First Circuit Overturns Award of Fees and Penalties

The Louisiana workers’ compensation law provides for the assessment of attorney’s fees and penalties where an employer does not promptly pay compensation.  A case... More

Judge Dismisses Challenge to Union Laws by U.S. Chamber of Commerce

A federal judge recently dismissed a lawsuit against the city of Seattle filed by the United States Chamber of Commerce, challenging a landmark labor... More

Punitive Damages Not Available For Failure To Pay Maintenance & Cure

In a case of first impression, the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington has held that punitive damages for the... More

Study Finds Medical Marijuana Reduces Need For Pain Medications

A recent study from the University of Georgia has concluded that states that pass medical marijuana laws tend to experience a significant decline in... More

First Circuit Addresses Issues of Medical Causation and Fraud

On January 5, 2017, the Louisiana Court of Appeals for the First Circuit (“First Circuit”) reviewed several holdings by the Office of Workers’ Compensation... More

Death on Platform in State Waters May Be Within OCSLA Jurisdiction

A worker was killed on a platform located in Louisiana state waters when a pressurized valve blew, striking him in the head. The platform... More