Legislative Roundup: The Most Important Changes (And Non-Changes) From Louisiana’s 2024 Regular Legislative Session

We reported on a few pending bills during Louisiana’s legislative session. Now, with the session closed and the Governor’s veto-time running out, we take... More

Fifth Circuit Addresses What Maritime Law Applies to Indian Seaman’s Claim in U.S. Court

In determining whether maritime claims are governed by the laws of the United States rather than the conflicting law of a foreign nation, courts... More

Changes to the Louisiana Rules of Evidence

In the 2024 Legislative Session, the Louisiana Legislature followed suit with the Federal Rules of Evidence, as it often does, and incorporated changes to... More

MBLB Sponsors 2024 Loyola Maritime Law Journal Banquet

Mouledoux, Bland, Legrand & Brackett was proud to be a sponsor of the 2024 Loyola Maritime Law Journal Banquet, which was held on April... More

Navigational Rules Violations and Manslaughter

Often, the reach of admiralty law affects civil disputes. This includes cases that involve vessel collisions, seamen’s personal injury claims, and disputes relating to... More

United States Supreme Court Enforces Choice-of-Law Provision in Maritime Insurance Contract

On February 21, 2024, the United States Supreme Court unanimously held that choice-of-law provisions in maritime insurance contracts are presumptively enforceable under federal maritime law.... More

Navigating the Safer Seas Act

The Safer Seas Act (SSA) was enacted as part of the National Defense Authorization Act for the fiscal year of 2023 to combat sexual... More

5th Circuit Clarifies Standard of Evidence in Maritime Negligence Claims in Louisiana

Maritime accidents often serve as arenas for legal clarification and refinement, shaping the standards by which negligence and liability are determined on the open... More

Judge Fallon Enforces Post-Accident Venue Selection Agreement in Jones Act Case

Venue selection agreements can provide maritime employers some certainty with respect to the venue where they will be subject to employee litigation. Judge Fallon... More

Georges Legrand and Michael Neuner Obtain Defense Judgment in Hotly Contested Maritime Death Case

Congratulations to Georges Legrand and Michael Neuner! Since 2020, Georges and Michael have been defending a double death maritime case in which several crew... More