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Throw Me Something, Mister

Following a head injury that allegedly occurred as a result of a bag of beads being thrown during the 2012 Endymion Extravaganza, plaintiff filed suit... More

Jindal Authorizes Design-Build Contracts for New Ferries on the Mississippi River and Certain Bridges

Louisiana law prohibits design-build contracts unless an exception is made by the legislature. The ban against design-build contracts stems from the thought that it... More

I Work for Uber, and I’m an Employee

On May 4, 2015, we introduced the highly-publicized dispute concerning drivers for the ride sharing company, Uber. Specifically, whether or not the drivers were... More

Louisiana Automobile Insurer Cannot Restrict the Definition of “Temporary Substitute Auto” in Its Policy

White’s vehicle was having mechanical problems, so he borrowed his mother’s vehicle and was involved in an accident. His mother’s insurer, State Farm, argued... More

Louisiana Economic Development Updates

Louisiana was recently ranked as No. 1 among Southern states for attracting the most significant capital investment and job creation projects per million residents,... More

Contractor Immune from Tort Liability AND Work Comp Liability

The Plaintiff suffered injuries when he fell through a skylight while working on a building owned by Defendant Schilling Acquisitions, Inc.  Schilling had contracted... More

No Expansion of the Longshoreman Definition

Coming before the Louisiana Third Circuit Court of Appeals  was the question of whether the Claimant was covered by the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation... More

Trial Court’s Judgment Found Not Appealable

An injured worker filed a disputed claim for compensation against his Employer, alleging that he was involved in a work related accident.  He sought... More

De Novo Review Included Consideration of the Lower Court’s Ruling in a Bad Faith Claim

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals recently affirmed a district court’s ruling that granted summary judgment dismissing a bad faith claim against a workers’... More

Res Judicata Exception Sustained

The Second Circuit Court of Appeal recently affirmed a workers’ compensation judge’s decision sustaining an exception of res judicata.  The claimant sustained an injury in... More