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Tides Are Turning: The Arrival of Subchapter M

*This article was prepared by our summer law clerk, Ridge Miguez.   On June 20, 2016 the U.S. Coast Guard posted a preview of... More

Philippines Wins Territorial Dispute with China in International Tribunal

In 2013, the Philippines brought a case against China to dispute China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea. Territorial disputes over the South... More

Failure of a Fraud Defense

Louisiana’s Third Circuit Court of Appeal recently considered a workers’ compensation judge’s (WCJ) denial of an insurer’s fraud defense.  An employee was injured while... More

Carmack Amendment is Exclusive Cause of Action for Damages to Goods Arising from Transportation by Common Carrier (Except When It’s Not)

In 1988, the United States Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal from the U.S. Seventh Circuit which held that the Carmack Amendment to... More

Medical Evidence Supports Termination of Benefits

Claimant was injured in a motor vehicle accident in the course and scope of his employment while a passenger in one of Employer’s garbage... More

OSHA Delays Implementation of Recording and Reporting Requirements for Occupational Injuries and Illnesses

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) previously implemented new rules whereby certain employers would be required to electronically submit injury and illness data... More

Expert Testimony Not Necessary to Establish Medical Malpractice Claim

Plaintiff filed a medical malpractice claim against defendant. Defendant moved for summary judgment that the district court denied. Defendant appealed and argued that plaintiff... More

National Football League Players Allowed to Maintain Class Action Suit

United States District Court Judge William Alsip recently denied a motion to dismiss a class action lawsuit brought by the widow of a former... More

But I Barely Hit Him!

The initial telephone call from defense counsel to commercial vehicle operator is commonly met with the surprised exclamation, “But I barely hit him!” The allure... More

Court Curtails Use of Physician Dispensed Medication

A recent Louisiana Supreme Court decision curtails the use of physician dispensed medication. In Lafayette Bone & Joint Clinic v. LUBA, LUBA refused to... More