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Untimely Attorney Fee Application Mandates Return of Attorney Fees

On April 24, 2011, claimant suffered an injury while in the course and scope of his employment with Ash Timber Company. The claimant retained... More

Employer and Claimant May Both Choose an FCE Provider

Claimant injured her back when she lifted a patient while working as a nursing assistant.  Claimant initially received conservative treatment which was not effective. ... More

The LWC Fares Well in the Recent Decision of the First Circuit Court of Appeal

Earlier this month, the Louisiana Workforce Commission came out on top (not once, but twice), following the recent decision of the First Circuit Court... More

Sanctions and Fees: OWC Does Not Always Have Jurisdiction

Defendant, a medical facility, initially filed three disputed claims against Employer with the Office of Workers’ Compensation (OWC) because they had not been paid... More

Third Circuit Affirms OWC Judge’s Finding of Fraud

In January 2014, Claimant injured her neck while using a nail gun to build a shipping crate in the course of her employment.  Employer... More

Who’s Driving that Car?

As technology evolves, so does the law by which it is governed. One of the latest trends to arise from the tech community is... More

Liebeck, Move Over – There’s a New Plaintiff in the Coffee Game

Remember the “hot coffee case” (Liebeck v. McDonald’s Restaurants)? Well, now Starbucks is in the litigation crosshairs for its allegedly insufficient and falsely advertised... More

No Right of Action for Non-Party

In Ledet v. Robinson Helicopter Co., the Louisiana Court of Appeal for the First Circuit held an agreement between a plaintiff, who filed suit... More

Court Addresses Time to File Claim for Death Benefits in Occupational Disease Case

Decedent was a retired firefighter with the Jefferson Parish Fire Department.  He passed away on May 5, 2013.  On January 7, 2015, his widow... More

The Statutory Employer Defense: Can an Invalid Indemnification Clause Result in Big Liability?

Louisiana’s statutory employer defense grants a contractor the exclusive remedy provisions of the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Act where there is a statutory employer relationship... More