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Third Circuit Holds The Bremen’s Framework Applies to Choice-of-Law Provisions in Marine Insurance Contracts

In a recent case, Great Lakes Ins. SE v. Raiders Retreat Realty Co., the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit addressed whether,... More

Louisiana Supreme Court Rules in Tisdale v. Hedrick

In a ruling of March 17, 2023, the Louisiana Supreme Court, in Tisdale v. Hedrick, reversed in part and affirmed in the part the... More

Dan Hoerner’s Latest WorkBoat Article: Alternative Dispute Resolutions Can Save Time and Money

With the big backlogs in the courts, it can take from many months to several years for a case to go to trial. The... More


In November, we reported that the Louisiana Supreme Court had granted writ of certiorari[1] to review the Louisiana Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal’s ruling... More

SPOTLIGHT: Simone H. Yoder, MBLB’s First Woman Equity Member

Historically, the legal field has been a male dominated profession. In 2010, fewer than one-third of all lawyers were women. In 2022, twelve years... More

Second Injury Funds: The Benefit in Hiring Injured Workers

Managing Member Alan G. Brackett and Associate Ava Wolf are co-authors of an “Attorney Analysis” workers’ compensation column for Reuters Legal News. Their most... More

The Longshore Act: The Finality of Section 14(F)

The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (“LHWCA”) has been an integral part of the federal workers’ compensation scheme since it was adopted by... More

J. Edward McAuliffe, III Presents on Legal Ethics at LSBA CLE Seminar

MBLB Attorney Edward McAuliffe recently presented the legal ethics portion of the Louisiana State Bar Association’s Dazzling at Disney CLE seminar. Edward’s representation focused... More

Meet Our New Attorney: Associate Curran R. Greenberg

Mouledoux, Bland, Legrand & Brackett is pleased to announce that Curran R. Greenberg has joined the firm as an associate attorney. Curran R. Greenberg,... More

Taylor Tran to Play in NOBA’s Full Court Press Fundraising Tournament

Associate Taylor Tran is lacing up his high-tops in preparation for the New Orleans Bar Association Full Court Press basketball tournament on Saturday, March... More