Meet Our New Attorney

Mouledoux, Bland, Legrand & Brackett is pleased to announce that Taylor L. Tran has joined the firm as an associate attorney.

Taylor L. Tran, Associate

Taylor TranTaylor Tran’s practice focuses on the defense of employers and insurance carriers for claims arising under the Defense Base Act.

Prior to joining Mouledoux, Bland, Legrand & Brackett, Taylor worked as a student practitioner at the Immigration sector of the Stuart H. Smith Law Clinic. This experience allowed him to learn the profession by having the opportunity to work directly with members of the community who were in need.

Taylor is known for his ability to turn a phrase and make people laugh but has always been able to carry responsibility with full focus. “As the oldest of 5 children, I have always been made responsible for my younger siblings, and I have taken that with me throughout my professional life. I want the client to know that I will always prioritize them, just like I have with my family.” More >