Alan Brackett Interviewed About Mentoring in Fraternity Magazine

Managing Member Alan G. Brackett has been highly involved in his fraternity, Delta Tau Delta, as an alumnus of Tulane University. He has served as International President, Vice President, Second VP, Secretary, Southern Division President and the Director of the Educational Foundation. One of the most rewarding aspects of his continuing involvement with his fraternity has been the opportunity to mentor a younger member.

Alan was recently featured in an article, “Intergenerational Mentorship,” in the Delta Tau Delta’s magazine, The Rainbow. As Alan notes, “Mentoring is such an important part of life. Part of the human experience is to share mentoring, it’s what we do.”

Intergenerational Mentorship

Intergenerational relationships are among the many benefits of membership Delta Tau Delta. The bond between brothers of different eras often results in mentoring relationships that last for decades. Alan G. Brackett (Tulane University 1982) first met Tim P. Cullen (Tulane University 2009) when Cullen was an undergraduate. Early on Cullen and Brackett became best friends. Recently, these men sat down with the Foundation to talk about the importance of mentorship.

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