EEOC Sues Drillers for Hiring Discrimination

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sued Horizontal Well Drillers (HWD), an Oklahoma limited liability company with operations in Oklahoma, Kansas, West Virginia, Pennsylvania,... More

Substance Abuse in the Hospitality Industry

A recent study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration revealed that 19.1% of all adults employed in the accommodation and food... More

Arena Football League Player Headed to Florida Supreme Court

An Orlando Predators player is attempting to collecting workers’ compensation benefits after being involved in an injury during the course and scope of his... More

Remand For Failure to Consider Manual Labor Exception

Federico Martinez cut his hand while lowering a washer/dryer unit from a second floor apartment.  Martinez was working for Jarislov Rames at the time... More

A Case of Absolute Nullity

Claimant was injured in a motor vehicle accident while employed by A-1 St. Bernard Taxi and Delivery.  Claimant filed a disputed claim for compensation... More

Coal Ash Spill Survivors File Suit

In December of 2008, a massive coal ash spill dumped more than 5 million cubic tons of sludge into the Emory River outside of... More

Employer Retains Right to Choose Pharmaceutical Provider

The Louisiana Supreme Court recently resolved a circuit split on the issue of whether an injured employee is entitled to his choice of pharmacy,... More

Louisiana Supreme Court Holds Claimant Not Entitled to Defense-Paid FCE

Claimant sustained an injury to her neck, shoulder, and back in 2006.  After several rounds of litigation, Claimant was awarded temporary total disability benefits... More

CNBC Names Top States for Business – Sorry, Louisiana

CNBC recently released its annual list of top states to do business.  Sitting pretty at the top of the list were Washington, Georgia, Minnesota and... More

Opioid Use Decreases in Most States But Not Louisiana

A new study released by the Workers Compensation Research Institute suggests that the frequency and amount of opioids dispensed to injured workers in a... More