Eleventh Circuit’s Borrowed-Employment Standard for Longshore Cases

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Workers’ Compensation, Social Security Disability Benefits and Taxation

Author: Jon B. Robinson Generally speaking, workers’ compensation benefits are not taxable.  26 U.S.C. § 104(a)(1).  This includes compensation benefits paid under the Longshore... More

In Workers’ Comp Claim, Provision of Surveillance Video to Non-Court Appointed Physicians is Permissable

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Louisiana Supreme Court’s Workers’ Compensation Hat Trick

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Tool Shed Roof Repair = Maritime Situs and Status

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Dangerous Work Condition Does Not Amount to “Intentional Act”

Author: Patrick J. Babin Plaintiff was in charge of installing new electrodes on furnaces, a task performed countless times during his employment. When tightening... More

Longshoreman or Circus Performer?

Plaintiff was employed by Halliburton at its marine terminal. One day, plaintiff successfully embarked and disembarked a berthed vessel via a “Jacob’s ladder” (a... More

Psychological Claims Are Not Compensable for Legitimate Personnel Actions

Claimant, a longshoreman, was injured when he struck a cable line which caused an explosion. Claimant was not physically injured and did not seek... More

LHWCA Exclusivity Upheld in Mesothelioma Case Involving Longshoreman

The Louisiana 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal recently affirmed a district court ruling dismissing Lake Charles Stevedores, Inc. (“LCS”), an MBLB client, from an... More

Beverage Tampering Is Not Compensable under LWCA

The Louisiana Third Circuit was recently asked to determine whether the intentional placement of a chemical substance in a beverage belonging to a co-worker... More