Louisiana Supreme Court’s Workers’ Compensation Hat Trick

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Tool Shed Roof Repair = Maritime Situs and Status

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Dangerous Work Condition Does Not Amount to “Intentional Act”

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Longshoreman or Circus Performer?

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Psychological Claims Are Not Compensable for Legitimate Personnel Actions

Claimant, a longshoreman, was injured when he struck a cable line which caused an explosion. Claimant was not physically injured and did not seek... More

LHWCA Exclusivity Upheld in Mesothelioma Case Involving Longshoreman

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Beverage Tampering Is Not Compensable under LWCA

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Un-worked Paid Holidays Treated as “Days Worked” under Longshore Act

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OCSLA Jurisdiction Thrown into Confusion

  In 1953, when the Outer Continental Shelf (“OCS”) was becoming an important area for the exploration and development of energy resources, Congress adopted... More

A FELA/LHWCA Distinction?

Employee worked as a railroad switchman/conductor for Norfolk Southern Railway Co. As he spotted coal-filled rail cars at a dock in Virginia, he fell... More