OSHA Levies Fines

PECOFacet in Mineral Falls, Texas, faces over $224,000.00 in OSHA fines, prompted by two serious incidents.  The first involved a finger amputation when a metal plate fell on a worker’s finger while the employee was training.  The second incident involved a 1,300 pound metal product falling on a worker’s feet, causing serious injuries.  OSHA’s investigation found workers operating machinery without point of operation and safety guards and emergency stop switches.

Three other Texas companies are facing penalties for various OSHA violations.  CPE Feeds, Inc. in Lubbock, Texas, JFM International Inc., in Willis, Texas and Subfloor Systems, Inc. in Hurst Texas face penalties totaling more than $277,000.00 for hazards including lack of guarding on machines, exposed energized wires, not providing hearing protection, various chemical and noise exposures, and lack of fall protection during work on a commercial building.

Bekaert Corp. in Van Buren, Arkansas is facing OSHA fines in the amount of $124,710.00 after an employee suffered amputation while trying to untangle moving wire.  The fines were imposed because the investigation revealed that the facility had machines and pulleys carrying steel wire with unguarded pinch points.

Louisiana company Don M. Baron Contractor was issued over $152,000.00 in fines by OSHA when two of its employees lost consciousness and collapsed due to unsafe working conditions.  The workers were exposed to hazardous gas while entering a sewer system because the company allowed the workers inside a confined space without having tested the space for hazards.  The company was also cited for failing to maintain gas testing meters and rescue equipment, and for not training all employees in confined space entry.

An auto supplier and staffing agency in Cusseta, Alabama face penalties in the amount of $2,565,621.00 following an investigation into the death of a temporary worker.  The worker, a 20 year old bride-to-be, entered a robotic station to clear a sensor fault.  The employee was crushed to death when the machine started abruptly while she was inside.  The auto supplier, Joon, LLC, and two staffing agencies – Alliance HR, Inc. and Joynus Staffing Corp., were cited for multiple violations.