NHL Enforcer’s Gag Order Unlawful

Former National Hockey League “enforcer” Mike Peluso began a workers’ compensation claim in 2012, alleging that he is permanently disabled because the teams he played for did not safeguard his health during his playing career. The New Jersey Devils, Ottawa Senators, St. Louis Blues, and Calgary Flames are named as defendants.

On May 3, Mr. Peluso gave an interview to a Minnesota TV station about his legal claims. The hockey teams’ insurer sought sanctions against Mr. Peluso’s attorneys for the interview, claiming that the workers’ compensation judge previously instructed that the media should no longer be involved in the claim. The judge then issued a notice of intent to impose a $1,500 fine and sanctions against Mr. Peluso’s attorney. However, as reported by TSN Senior Correspondent Rick Westhead, the California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board ruled that the trial court did not have the authority to impose a gag order to preclude media interviews.