NCCI Publishes Study on Cost of Prescription Drugs

The National Council on Compensation Insurance (“NCCI”) recently published an updated study that quantified the high cost of prescription medication in workers’ compensation claims.  NCCI estimated that for every $100 paid in medical services provided to injured workers in 2014, $17 was paid for prescription drugs.  For every $100 spent on medical services for claims older than ten years, $45 to $50 was paid for prescription medication.  The study further found that, in 2014, the price of prescription drugs increased by 11%– substantially greater than the 10-year average increase of 4%.  Further, physician-dispensed prescription drugs prices increased, and utilization increased in 2014.  However, overall medical severity of workers’ compensation accidents decreased in 2015.

The study concluded that, overall, prescription drug costs per active claim continue to grow and remain one of the most active subjects in workers’ compensation-related legislative activity. For more information on the NCCI’s findings, the full study is available at: