Legislative & Regulatory News

A bill expanding the investment options of workers’ compensation group self-insurance funds in Louisiana passed favorably out of the House Labor and Industrial Relations Committee yesterday.  The measure will expand options and improve investment yields, enhancing the security and solvency of self-insured groups.

The Louisiana Senate Health and Welfare Committee approved a medical marijuana bill, sending it onto the floor for a vote scheduled for May 4, 2015.  The bill allows medical marijuana to be produced and delineates a pharmacy panel and methods of dispensing, in addition to banning any combustible use of the medication.  The Louisiana District Attorney’s Association does not support the bill, pending FDA approval of the drug, which is still classified as Schedule I.

CMS released a fact sheet detailing the new process for workers’ compensation carriers and other insurers to challenge what the agency seeks to recover in conditional payments.  The new four-step procedure for challenges went into effect on April 28, 2015.