American Transportation Research Institute Releases List of Most Congested Freight Locations

Using trucking operations data and customized software, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) recently analyzed truck-oriented congestion points across the national highway system. For 2015,... More

A Horse Named Mississippi

On an early February evening in 2012, plaintiffs were riding a brown horse named Mississippi on a public road in Calcasieu Parish. It was... More

Louisiana Automobile Insurer Cannot Restrict the Definition of “Temporary Substitute Auto” in Its Policy

White’s vehicle was having mechanical problems, so he borrowed his mother’s vehicle and was involved in an accident. His mother’s insurer, State Farm, argued... More

Dealership Not Liable for Alleged Defective Airbag

Plaintiff purchased a 1995 Toyota Corolla from a used car dealership that had previously purchased the vehicle from a Toyota dealership after a trade-in.... More

“Don’t Text While Driving” Takes on New Meaning

An appellate court in New Jersey recently held that a person sending a text message to a driver of an automobile can be liable... More

Loss of Consortium and Rental Car Expenses Allowed on Appeal

After a motor vehicle accident, plaintiffs filed a lawsuit against defendant, the defendant’s employer and the defendant’s insurer. The trial court awarded plaintiffs $20,000.00... More

Supreme Court Overturns the Port of Los Angeles’s Placard Requirement

From the Supreme Court’s syllabus in American Trucking Associations, Inc.  v. City of Los Angeles, California: The Port of Los Angeles, a division of... More