Newly Implemented Training Requirements for CDL Applicants

Effective February 7, 2017, with a compliance date of February 7, 2020, all first time Class A and B Commercial Drivers’ License (“CDL”) applicants, those seeking an upgrade in their CDL classification, and those seeking a hazardous materials, school bus, or passenger endorsement for the first time will have to meet certain training requirements prior to applying for a CDL. Exempt from the required training are veterans, firefighters, and farmers.

The training must be provided by an approved instructor listed in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Training Provider Registry. To be approved, the instructor must have carried a CDL and all necessary endorsements for at least two years prior to providing training. The training will include classroom and “behind the wheel” sessions. One must complete a written assessment and obtain a score of 80% to satisfy the classroom training requirement and must perform at a level satisfactory to an instructor’s discretion to satisfy the driving requirement. States may individually impose more stringent requirements and drivers are permitted to receive training in any state.

Companies will want to implement policies and programs to ensure their drivers are in compliance with the new training requirements by February 7, 2020.

Philip D. Lorio, IV