American Transportation Research Institute Releases List of Most Congested Freight Locations

Using trucking operations data and customized software, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) recently analyzed truck-oriented congestion points across the national highway system. For 2015, the Top 10 choke-points were:

  1. Atlanta, Georgia: I-285 AT I-85 (NORTH)
  2. Chicago, Illinois: I-290 AT I-90/I-94
  3. Fort Lee, New Jersey: I-95 AT SR 4
  4. Louisville, Kentucky: I-65 AT I-64/I-71
  5. Houston, Texas: I-610 AT US 290
  6. Houston, Texas: I-10 AT I-45
  7. Cincinnati, Ohio: I-71 AT I-75
  8. Houston, Texas: I-45 AT US 59
  9. Los Angeles, California: SR 60 AT SR 57
  10. Houston, Texas: I-10 AT US 59

Notably, four of the ten are located in Houston, Texas. No location in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area made the Top 100, and the only location in Louisiana to make the list was Baton Rouge, Louisiana at I-10 to I-110, which checked in at number 19.