City Introduces $40 Million Crime Prevention Plan

On January 23, 2017, the City of New Orleans introduced a $40 million crime prevention plan that includes installation of cameras and vehicle-tracking equipment... More

New Orleans Parkers, Beware…

The City of New Orleans recently unveiled its 2017 budget, and it appears that 55 new traffic cameras are part of the grand plan.... More

Louisiana Offers Legal Protection to Police Officers and Firefighters

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards signed a bill, Act 184, that serves to offer Louisiana’s police force additional legal protection amid a particularly turbulent... More

Jindal Authorizes Design-Build Contracts for New Ferries on the Mississippi River and Certain Bridges

Louisiana law prohibits design-build contracts unless an exception is made by the legislature. The ban against design-build contracts stems from the thought that it... More

Fantasy Sports in Louisiana

The growing popularity of fantasy sports has grown tremendously over the past decade and like all things in the internet age, its online presence... More

Serving Raw Oysters . . .

Spitale’s Bar, Inc. operates a restaurant and bar in Amite, Louisiana. Plaintiff, who suffered from non-alcoholic steato hepatitis (“NASH”), ate two raw oysters at... More

Louisiana Supreme Court Addresses Unjust Enrichment Theory

Under the direction of the sheriff’s office, the plaintiff performed emergency road cleaning work for the St. Tammany Parish Government that was essential to... More

Louisiana: A State Employee May Sue Louisiana Under the Jones Act

On July 1, 2011, the Supreme Court of Louisiana held that Louisiana waived its sovereign immunity from suit for injury to persons, and that... More