Flood Insurance Policy Interpreted Strictly

Plaintiff’s home sustained extensive flood damage from Hurricane Katrina. He sued State Farm, the company that issued his flood insurance policy, claiming State Farm... More

Plaintiffs’ Case Properly Dismissed as Abandoned

Plaintiffs filed a negligent supervision claim against Skate World, Inc. on November 28, 2005. Service was requested through the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office... More

Summary Judgment Based on Alcohol Exclusion in Accidental Death Policy Upheld

Wesley Vincent was dropped off at his home by a bartender after a night of heavy drinking. He was later found outside his home... More

MVA Award Overturned by LA Supreme Court

An ambulance, covered with reflective tape and owned by defendant, was inoperable and parked on the shoulder of state highway. Plaintiff was headed towards... More

No Harm, No Foul For Naming Incorrect Defendant in Lawsuit

Author: Tyler A. Moore Plaintiff was a guest at the Clarion Hotel in Alexandria when she allegedly tripped over an uneven surface while walking... More

Unless Confirmed by Court, Arbitration Award Cannot Preclude Future Litigation

Author: Wilton E. Bland, IV Louisiana’s First Circuit Court of Appeals recently addressed the application of res judicata in the context of an unconfirmed... More

Mississippi Seaman’s Suit Kicked Out of New Orleans Under Doctrine of Forum Non Conveniens

Author: Trevor M. Cutaiar Osborn, a seaman employed on a vessel owned by Ergon, filed suit in Orleans Parish Civil District Court after he... More

Slip-And-Fall Plaintiff Successful In Negligence Suit Against Restaurant

Author: Trevor M. Cutaiar 68-year-old Cora Ann Ball (“plaintiff”) injured her right shoulder, neck and low back in a slip-and-fall accident at a local cafateria. ... More

Court Compels Electronic Discovery in “Native” Format

Author: Robert N. Popich A workers’ compensation insurance carrier contractually required that its insured’s subcontractors maintain their own workers’ compensation coverage.  If any subcontractors... More

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Litigation

When the attorney for a person allegedly injured in an accident filed his lawsuit, he would almost without exception, include claims for anxiety, stress... More