Trevor Cutaiar, Edward McAuliffe and Chris Prudhomme complete LCLD’s Legal Diversity Programs

MBLB is pleased to announce that Trevor Cutaiar has completed the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity’s (LCLD) Fellows Program, and that Edward McAuliffe and Chris Prudhomme have completed LCLD’s Pathfinder Program.

Alan Brackett, managing member of MBLB, was accepted for membership in the LCLD in January 2021. The organization is comprised of more than 350 corporate chief legal officers and law firm managing partners—the leadership of the profession—who have dedicated themselves to creating a truly diverse U.S. legal profession. LCLD’s action programs are designed to attract, inspire, and nurture the talent in society and within organizations, thereby helping a new and more diverse generation of attorneys ascend to positions of leadership.

The goal of the year-long Fellows Program is to provide Fellows with:

  • Professional and Personal Development Opportunities
  • Leadership Training
  • Relationship-Building Opportunities
  • Access to LCLD Members (Managing Partners and General Counsel)

The goal of the Pathfinders Program is to provide Pathfinders with practical tools for developing and leveraging:

  • Internal professional networks through relationship-building skills
  • Foundational leadership skills
  • An understanding of career development strategies applicable to both in-house and law firm practice

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