Meet Our Newest Attorney

MBLB is pleased to announce that J. Edward McAuliffe, III has joined the firm as an associate attorney.

J Edward McAuliffe IIIJ. Edward McAuliffe, III, Associate

Associate Edward McAuliffe’s practice areas focus on trucking and transportation and insurance defense. Prior to joining MBLB, Edward was an Assistant District Attorney in New Orleans, where he rose quickly through the ranks, eventually heading up the District Attorney’s Bond and Asset Forfeiture Division. He represented his office at the Louisiana District Attorney’s Association, aided in overseeing civil litigation, and implemented new policies and procedures both in his office and throughout the New Orleans criminal justice system.

While Edward is known for working with his opponents to reach amicable resolutions whenever possible, he will draw a hard line in the sand when his clients’ interests require it. “Being tough and being professional are not mutually exclusive. I ‘grew up’ as a lawyer in the school of hard knocks at Tulane and Broad. The courtroom, trial, administrative, and legislative experiences I gained as an ADA are invaluable. The same tenacity I brought to the criminal arena I maintain in defense of my civil clients.” More>>