J. Edward McAuliffe, III Presents “Independent Medical Exams” CLE

J Edward McAuliffe IIIOn January 4, 2023, MBLB attorney Edward McAuliffe presented a nationally broadcast live CLE webinar with two other presenters from around the country through Strafford Publications. The topic was “Independent Medical Exams: Strategies for Imposing or Preventing Conditions and Limitations.” Edward’s portion of the presentation focused on Louisiana’s recent rulings grappling with IMEs (now termed “additional medical examinations,” or AMEs, under Louisiana law) and how a recent Louisiana Supreme Court decision might provide a broader framework for dealing with IMEs and requested restrictions on a national basis.

If you are interested in this Strafford webinar, you can purchase the CLE on Strafford’s website here.

In October, 2022, Edward reported on a case, Augustine v. Safeco Ins. Co. of Ore., involving restrictions on Independent Medical Examinations.

As noted in his article, “IME Parameters Revisited: A New Restriction Framework for Louisiana Additional Medical Examinations,” this case provides much needed clarity on the issue of IMEs and potential restrictions in Louisiana.

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About Edward McAuliffe

Edward’s practice areas at Mouledoux, Bland, Legrand & Brackett focus on trucking and transportation and insurance defense. His experience as a former Assistant District Attorney in New Orleans is an asset for MBLB’s clients. As he says, “Being tough and being professional are not mutually exclusive. I ‘grew up’ as a lawyer in the school of hard knocks at Tulane and Broad. The courtroom, trial, administrative, and legislative experiences I gained as an ADA are invaluable. The same tenacity I brought to the criminal arena I maintain in defense of my civil clients.”

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