Eric Winder Sella Presents CLE on Civil Litigation

On June 18, 2019 Mouledoux, Bland, Legrand & Brackett attorney Eric Winder Sella provided continuing legal education (CLE) on civil litigation in New Orleans, Louisiana, as part of the National Business Institute’s “Civil Trial: Everything You Need to Know” seminar. Eric’s topic was “Creatively Using Motions in Limine in Civil Litigation.” The motion in limine is an important part of civil litigation, allowing a trial court to make evidentiary rulings in advance of trial, thereby streamlining the trial process, avoiding interruptions or distractions at trial, allowing a more careful consideration of evidence, and preventing potentially inflammatory evidence from prejudicing a jury.

After a brief introduction to the motion and rundown of its more mundane uses, Eric’s presentation focused on using the motion offensively, both to admit, rather than exclude, evidence, and to poke legal holes in an opponent’s substantive case by preventing evidence from reaching a jury.

At MBLB, Eric practices primarily in the Transportation Litigation section, a group he helped establish at the firm in 2015. Eric also works with other sections at the firm, including admiralty and maritime, casualty and insurance defense, and insurance coverage litigation.