Alan Brackett’s LBF President’s Message: A New Year and Renewed Focus: DEI

Managing member Alan G. Brackett is serving as the President of the Louisiana Bar Foundation (LBF) for 2022-2023. LBF is the largest state funder of civil legal aid, supporting service organizations throughout Louisiana that provide free, civil legal representation to the indigent, law-related education to the public and administration of justice projects. His President’s Message for 2023 was published in the February/March issue of the Louisiana Bar Journal. In “A New Year and Renewed Focus: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion,” Alan notes:

“The Louisiana Bar Foundation (LBF) has always been focused on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). Funding civil legal aid has always been about caring for those who may otherwise be uncared for, which is disproportionately people of color. However, while the LBF has always supported diverse organizations and citizens, and strives to ensure its leadership reflects the diversity of Louisiana, it has become clear that we always need to be intentional in our processes and actions to ensure we remain true to our Mission and goals. We need to apply a DEI lens to the Foundation’s work, including the infrastructure, leadership, membership and grants making.

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Alan has been a Fellow of the LBF for more than twenty years. He served on the LBF board from 2013—2016 and again beginning in 2017. During this time he has served three terms as Chair of the Greater Orleans Community Partnership Panel and Grants Committee and two years as Chair of the Children’s Legal Services subcommittee.

Alan has also has received the prestigious LBF President’s Award twice, in 2019 and 2021. The President’s Award was given to Alan in recognition of his outstanding support, dedication and advancement of the mission and goals of the LBF as well as his volunteer service above and beyond and leadership role in major LBF accomplishments.

Alan was previously interviewed by LBF Secretary Edmund J. Giering IV for a “President’s Message” article in the Louisiana Bar Journal when he became president in 2022.