6 MBLB Attorneys Become Louisiana Bar Foundation Fellows

Attorneys Katie Briuglio, Alex Domingue, Katie Fox, Michael Neuner, Abigail Unsworth and Ava Wolf have become Fellows of the Louisiana Bar Foundation (LBF). The LBF is the single largest grantor of funds in the State of Louisiana to support civil legal aid. The foundation supports the work of the two legal services corporations, as well as dozens of other organizations that advocate for children, victims of domestic violence, the elderly and disabled.

Managing Member Alan G. Brackett has been a LBF Fellow for more than 10 years. He has served as President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary and continues to serve on the Board. He has also served three terms as Chair of the Greater Orleans Community Partnership Panel and Grants Committee and two years as Chair of the Children’s Legal Services subcommittee. Attorneys Georges Legrand, Julie Lafargue and Mark Hanna are also LBF Fellows.

About the Louisiana Bar Foundation

LBF is the largest state funder of civil legal aid, supporting service organizations throughout Louisiana that provide free, civil legal representation to the indigent, law-related education to the public and administration of justice projects.

Each year, the LBF awards grants to more than 70 non-profit organizations that provide access to the justice system and civil legal assistance to Louisiana’s low-income citizens. Through grants, it assists women, children, the elderly, people with disabilities, the newly unemployed, those facing loss of their homes, disaster victims and many others by providing services that go to the very heart of the health, safety and security of Louisiana citizens.

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