Nothing to Smize About: Tyra Banks Named in Lawsuit

Supermodel and entrepreneur Tyra Banks was recently named in a lawsuit for allegedly ridiculing an act that appeared on the reality television competition show, America’s Got Talent. The production company that oversees AGT, Marathon Productions, was sued by a husband-and-wife-singing duo who performed an original song about their daughter and motherhood. In the lawsuit, the couple (identified as John and Jane Doe) alleged that an AGT producer requested that they perform this song which, according to the complaint, had a long-term emotional importance to their daughter (identified as Mary Doe). The couple performed the song on stage, and their performance was panned by both the audience and the judges.

While the Does were performing, the lawsuit alleges that Banks ridiculed both Mary herself and the performance in front of Mary while cameras were rolling. Specifically, the suit alleges that Banks told Mary that Mary was accidentally conceived. Further, Banks and other producers told Mary to act embarrassed and annoyed by the performance. The suit alleges intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress, civil battery, and civil assault. The suit, pending in Los Angeles County Superior Court, is seeking unspecified damages.

The plaintiffs further requested that their footage not be aired, but the defendant only agreed to omit any footage of Mary.

Doe v. Marathon Productions

Daniel P. Sullivan