Employee’s Choice of Pharmacy is Limited

Employers and Carriers can reject out-of-state/ mail order pharmacies if their prices do not match local prices. La. R.S. 23:1203 gives the choice of... More

Changes Coming to Louisiana Motions for Summary Judgment

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No Cause of Action in Louisiana for Negligent Spoliation of Evidence

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Service of Discovery on Only One Party Does Not Defeat Abandonment

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No More Delay For Summary Judgment Until Discovery Complete

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Benefits Review Board Addresses Competing Audiograms and Longshore Hearing Loss

Claimant was employed by Employer from 1977 to 1987.  Thereafter, he worked for a number of other non-maritime employers.  In 2006, Claimant underwent a... More

Florida Court Strikes Award of Attorney’s Fees to a Seaman Under Florida’s Offer of Judgment Statute

Plaintiff worked for Employer and made a claim for Jones Act negligence, failure to treat, maintenance and cure, unearned wages and unseaworthiness.  Prior to... More