Annual Loyola Longshore Conference

This year’s longshore conference, occurring March 9-10, was very successful for Loyola University College of Law. There were over 500 attendees, guest speakers including... More

Defense Base Act Seminar

Alan Brackett and Patrick Babin spoke at the Advanced Consulting Seminar, held in Dallas, Texas, on February 2, 2017 regarding cost containment in the... More

Second Pivotal Longshore Situs Decision for 2013

The Fifth Circuit recently decided a longshore jurisdiction case based solely on the functional component to situs for an injury occurring on an “adjoining... More

Dealership Not Liable for Alleged Defective Airbag

Plaintiff purchased a 1995 Toyota Corolla from a used car dealership that had previously purchased the vehicle from a Toyota dealership after a trade-in.... More

Loss of Consortium and Rental Car Expenses Allowed on Appeal

After a motor vehicle accident, plaintiffs filed a lawsuit against defendant, the defendant’s employer and the defendant’s insurer. The trial court awarded plaintiffs $20,000.00... More

MBLB Wins Jurisdiction Case in Wake of New Orleans Depot Services, Inc.

We recently reported on the en banc 5th Circuit decision in New Orleans Depot Services, Inc. v. Director, OWCP, et al., 11-60057, 2013 WL 1798608 (5th Cir.... More

En Banc Decision of 5th Circuit Changes Scope of Situs Requirement: “Adjoining” Means “Border On” Navigable Waters

An en banc decision of the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has vastly amended the scope of the situs requirement under the... More

Do Car Dealerships Have to Ensure a Potential Buyer Has Auto Insurance?

Author: Patrick J. Babin   In this matter an injured driver and passenger filed a negligence suit against a driver who caused an accident... More

Removal to Federal Court: Damages Exceed $75,000

Plaintiff filed suit in Louisiana state court seeking damages for injuries allegedly sustained when she slipped and fell while entering a Home Depot. Home... More

The “Substantial Evidence” Test Outlined in a Hearing Loss Case

Recently the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit addressed an employer’s burden of providing “substantial evidence” in rebutting evidence amounting to... More