Fifth Circuit Holds “Zone of Danger” Test Not Applicable Under the LHWCA

In a recent unpublished opinion, the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the Administrative Law Judge’s award of benefits to a longshoreman who... More

Fifth Circuit Reverses Benefits Review Board’s Finding that Claimant Successfully Invoked Section 20(a) Presumption

In a newly-published decision, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in BIS Salamis, Inc. v. Director, OWCP and Joseph Meeks, No. 15-60148 reversed the... More

Louisiana First Circuit Allows Claimant to Amend Petition to Cure Defects with Intentional Tort Claim

Claimant appealed a judgment from the Twenty-First Judicial District Court in Tangipahoa Parish sustaining a peremptory exception of no cause of action and dismissing... More