Liability for Medical Malpractice

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Fifth Circuit Roles Back Seaman’s Entitlement to Punitive Damages

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Seaman Denied Recovery for Stress-Related Health Claim

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False Distress Call Results in Serious Criminal Penalties

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Dock Owners Liability

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Maritime Law Sees Expansion of Punitive Damages

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Employers Can’t Sue Seamen to Recover Back Maintenance and Cure Wrongfully Paid

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Vessel Owner Exonerated by Divine Intervention

A common defense in maritime personal injury and property damage litigation is the “Act of God,” also known as force majeure.  It is premised... More

Supreme Court Addresses Vessel Status (Again)

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Non-Signatory to Contract Bound By Arbitration Clause

With increasing frequency, mandatory arbitration clauses are being written into maritime contracts.  You may have run across them in charter parties, towage and salvage... More