Contractor Immune from Tort Liability AND Work Comp Liability

The Plaintiff suffered injuries when he fell through a skylight while working on a building owned by Defendant Schilling Acquisitions, Inc.  Schilling had contracted... More

No Expansion of the Longshoreman Definition

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Trial Court’s Judgment Found Not Appealable

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De Novo Review Included Consideration of the Lower Court’s Ruling in a Bad Faith Claim

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Res Judicata Exception Sustained

The Second Circuit Court of Appeal recently affirmed a workers’ compensation judge’s decision sustaining an exception of res judicata.  The claimant sustained an injury in... More

Video Surveillance Supports Forfeiture of Benefits

The First Circuit Court of Appeal of Louisiana recently affirmed a workers’ compensation judge’s ruling that a claimant forfeited her right to workers’ compensation... More

Employee Benefits Cut for Failing to Follow Rehabilitation Order

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Limitation of Liability Claim Dismissed as Time Barred

The Limitation Act allows a vessel owner to limit liability for damage or injury to the value of the vessel or the owner’s interest... More

Employment Insufficient to Trigger Application of the LHWCA

A worker was injured while working in a grassy area between thirty and one hundred feet from a boat launching ramp being built on... More

Geographical Proximity is Not the Only Factor in Deciding OCSLA Jurisdiction

Robert Lewis, Jr. filed suit under the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act (OCSLA), alleging injuries to his left elbow, cervical spine, and lumbar spine as... More