Cruise Passenger Awarded $21 Million in Sliding Door Mishap

A U.S. District Court jury in Seattle awarded $21.5 million in damages to an Illinois man who suffered a brain injury after being struck in... More

Workers’ Compensation Fraud Leads to Arrests

Criminal cases involving possible workers’ compensation fraud are referred to the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office for further investigation. On October 20, 2015, the owner... More

Gangway Permanently Attached to Pier is Not Maritime Locality

In Adamson v. Port of Bellingham, No. 14-1804, 2015 WL 4716421 (W.D. Wash. August 6, 2015), a U.S. District Court in Washington was asked... More

Dropping Anchor Does Not Trigger a Requirement to Provide Notice Under La. RS § 40:1749.11 for Dredge Owner

A dredge, seeking to secure position for anchoring, lowered its dredge ladder and cutter head into the seabed, striking a pipeline. The pipeline owner... More

Medical Director’s Decision Overturned

If a dispute arises as to whether recommended medical care is in accordance with the medical treatment schedule, or whether a variance from the... More

Second of Three Employers Was Last Responsible

Claimant was working as a longshoremen for Employer when he sustained an injury to his back after stepping into a hole. Claimant received temporary... More

Fishing Injury Covered Under Zone of Special Danger

Claimant was a citizen of the Republic of the Marshall Islands within the Kwajalein Atoll, which is home to the U.S. Army Space and... More

“Cost of Attendance” is Sufficient Compensation for College Athletes

In a civil suit brought by a former UCLA basketball player, it is alleged that the NCAA profited from the use of the plaintiff’s... More

Court Clarifies Annual Salary for Salaried Employees Calculating Average Weekly Wage

Claimant was injured in the course and scope of his employment with Employer.  The Employee was demoted four months prior to his injury.  His... More

Rig Owner Not Liable for Failing to Search for Lost and Submerged Rig

A tanker vessel allided with an unmarked and submerged wreck of a jack-up drilling rig that was lost during Hurricane Ike. In the aftermath... More