Court Addresses Requirements for a Preliminary Determination Hearing and Requirement for Louisiana Licensed Adjusters

Claimant, Darline Broussard, filed a workers’ compensation claim against her Employer, Dillard Department Stores, Inc., where she had been working. On April 8, 2014,... More

United States Fifth Circuit Reaffirms Supremacy of Carmack Amendment

The Carmack Amendment, codified at 49 USC §14706, et seq., imposes a federal liability regime for claims concerning goods damaged or lost during transportation... More

Third Circuit Sees a Man About a Horse

Earlier this month, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals had the opportunity to see a man about a horse [and alleged fraud.]  The Court’s... More

City Introduces $40 Million Crime Prevention Plan

On January 23, 2017, the City of New Orleans introduced a $40 million crime prevention plan that includes installation of cameras and vehicle-tracking equipment... More

Plaintiff Attorneys Stake Out Position on Driverless Cars

The American Association for Justice (AAJ), a nonprofit advocacy and lobbying organization for plaintiff lawyers in the United States, recently issued a report on... More

Why? Because They Can

The prescription drug pricing scheme in the United States is set up in a way that makes it relatively easy for companies to change... More

New Orleans Parkers, Beware…

The City of New Orleans recently unveiled its 2017 budget, and it appears that 55 new traffic cameras are part of the grand plan.... More

Court Orders Sale of Seized Vessel Following Default and Unnecessary Delay

Judge Ivan Lemelle recently reinforced the old adage, “if you don’t use it, you lose it,” in a suit based upon the alleged breach... More

Claimant, Not Employer, Committed Fraud

The issue of fraud, prevalent in the workers’ compensation arena, once again reared its head in a case before the Third Circuit Court of... More

Social Media Discovery

In a case arising out of a motor vehicle accident, the defendant issued discovery requests seeking, among other things, plaintiff’s online postings related to... More