Child Support and Longshore/DBA Benefits

An oft-asked question is whether child support payments can be garnished from Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (“LHWCA”) or Defense Base Act (“DBA”) workers’ compensation... More

Section 33(g)’s “Trap for the Unwary”

A surefire way to forfeit future benefits is to fail to follow Section 33(g).  In our practice, we come across Section 33(g) cases now and again, and it... More

Fifth Circuit Affirms Summary Judgment on Seaman’s Negligence, Unseaworthiness and Maintenance and Cure Claims

In a recent unpublished opinion, the United States Fifth Court of Appeals reviewed a district court’s grant of summary judgment dismissing a plaintiff’s negligence,... More

The CG-2692: Be Careful What You Say and How You Say It

With few exceptions, commercial vessel operators must provide immediate notification to the Coast Guard when involved in a serious marine casualty.  The criteria for... More

Expansion of the Duty to Pay Maintenance and Cure?

The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit (sitting in New York City), decided the case of Messier v. Bouchard Transportation, on... More

Vessel Inspection Within Limits of Discovery Order

Plaintiff was allegedly exposed to toxic gas and suffered a resultant injury while working aboard Employer’s vessel.  He filed suit against his employer under... More

Update: Petitioner Briefs for “Lozman v. City of Riviera Beach” are Online at SCOTUSBlog

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court granted certiorari in what will undoubtedly be the year’s most important maritime opinion.  In Lozman v. City of... More

Legally a Wife But Not Legally Entitled to Benefits

The deceased, a foreign national, married his first wife and with her had four children, who are now adults.  He then moved to the... More

More on Cell Phone Use in the Maritime Industry

Making headlines recently was the multi-million dollar settlement of the death and injury claims arising out of the July 7, 2010 collision of the... More

Third Circuit Affirms Denial of Longshore Benefits

Claimant alleged that he injured his wrist and then, in a second incident, his shoulder, spine and back.  He returned to work after each... More