Longshoreman is Injured. Who is Responsible?

Last month the First Judicial District Court of Appeal for Illinois reached its opinion in Ballard v. American Commercial Lines, Inc., et al.  The... More

Virginia: Punitive Damages are Not Allowed in a Section 905(b) Action

During his eleven-year tenure as a ship repair staff supervisor, Mr. Minton was exposed to asbestos.  Sixteen years after his employment ended, he was... More

DOL Proposes Revisions to Rules of Practice Before the Office of Administrative Law Judges

The Department of Labor (“DOL”) has proposed to revise the Rules of Practice and Procedure for Administrative Hearings Before the Office of Administrative Law... More

Defense Base Act Class Action Lawsuit Dismissed

A friend of the blog mentioned that I should have included one additional case, Brink v. XE Holding, LLC, in the Top 5 list.  I... More

Top 5 Longshore Cases for 2012

It is that time of the year again.  Subjective lists and year-end round-ups dominate the blogosphere.  Why should we be any different?  Accordingly, here... More

Aquaculture Workers are Excluded from Longshore Benefits

Claimant filed a claim for hearing loss against Ingalls Shipbuilding, whom he worked for as a pipefitter in 1944, and Clark Seafood, which employed Claimant... More

Great Law Review Article: Professor LeCesne’s “Crude Decisions” Is Slick

Professor Blaine LeCesne of Loyola University New Orleans College of Law recently published an excellent article in the Michigan State Law Review that is... More

Court Rejects Plaintiff’s Lack of Notice Argument

Plaintiff was working on a barge owned by Defendant when he was injured by a spew rod.  Plaintiff filed suit alleging negligence and unseaworthiness. ... More

Keeping Good Witness Statements From Going Bad

When a marine casualty occurs, attorneys and adjusters are often dispatched to investigate the cause of the accident and assess the extent of damage... More

First Circuit: Neither Suicide Nor Misadventure Fall Within the Scope of the Zone of Special Danger Doctrine

Decedent was employed on a secure military base in Saudi Arabia.  One morning, his on-site girlfriend discovered Decedent’s body hanging from a noose.  Decedent... More