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New Maritime Articles on SSRN

In case you are in the mood for some light reading, there are a few new articles at the Social Science Research Network that... More

Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit Registry Questionnaire

The Department of Veterans Affairs extended the deadline for public comments about its burn pit questionnaire.  Although the VA’s focus is on veterans, I... More

Ninth Circuit Agreed that Deficient Evidence Could Not Support Hourly Rate Request

The Ninth Circuit recently approved a reduction in claimed attorney’s fees due to a lack of competent evidence.  Following the reduction, the Claimant’s attorney argued... More

Fourth Circuit Reasons that Prior Attorney Fee Awards May Serve as a “Barometer” for the Prevailing Market Rate

The Fourth Circuit issued a new Black Lungs Benefits Act (“BLBA”) decision that is also particularly important for Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act... More

Negligence Per Se

Ordinarily, in a maritime case involving personal injury or property damage, the issue of liability is dependent upon whether the defendant owed a duty... More

Ninth Circuit: Intoxicated Longshoreman Not Entitled to Benefits

On July 26, 2013, the Ninth Circuit published a new Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation opinion addressing injuries “occasioned solely by” intoxication.  The facts... More

Second Circuit: Federal Common Law Applies Over Charter Party’s Choice-of-Law Provision in Rule B Attachment Proceeding

Defendant, a Chinese company, contracted with plaintiff, a Liberian company, to transport goods from Brazil to China aboard plaintiff’s vessel.  After a dispute over... More

Claimant Wrongfully Sued Employer After the Special Fund Reduced Weekly Benefits

In 2005, Claimant injured his back while working for Employer.  Between 2005 and 2010, Claimant continued seeking medical treatment for his back.  Following a... More

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