More Briefs Filed in Dize v. Association of Maryland Pilots

In 1995, the Supreme Court decided Chandris, Inc. v. Latsis, 515 U.S. 347 (1995), wherein it announced a test for determining “seaman” status.  To... More

The Zone of Special Danger Includes Grocery Shopping

In a new published Defense Base Act (“DBA”) claim, the Benefits Review Board further clarified the zone of special danger doctrine.  A widow filed... More

Defense Base Act Contractor Denied Vaccine Act Compensation

Petitioner worked for Fluor as a military contractor.  On February 1, 2012, while employed by Fluor in Afghanistan, he received a flu vaccine and... More

BRB Upholds Longshore Settlement, Rejects Director’s Adequacy Arguments

Earlier this week, the Benefits Review Board (“BRB”) issued its published decision in Richardson v. Huntington Ingalls, Inc.  Regular readers of this blog will... More

How Does DLHWC Divide Longshore Death Benefits Between Spouse and Child When the Maximum Compensation Rate Applies?

Today’s post discusses different methods employed by the Department of Labor’s Division of Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation (“DLHWC”) for the calculation of death... More

BRB: Attorney’s Fees Owed For “Implicit” Issue Successfully Litigated

In a decision released by the Benefit Review Board on April 16, 2014, Employer was held liable for attorney’s fees to Claimant’s counsel for... More

BRB: Claimant Could Not Prove Husband Was Exposed to Harmful Solvent

Recently, the Benefits Review Board decided a case on Appeal of the Decision and Order Denying Benefits of Colleen A. Geraghty, Administrative Law Judge. ... More

No Work-Related Stress Claims Under the Jones Act, Says 11th Circuit

William Skye worked a lot.  A whole lot.  Skye worked between 90 and 105 hours per week for 70 to 84 days at a... More

Around the Longshore and Maritime Blogosphere

Happy Friday, everyone.  Here are some great Longshore and maritime related posts that I recommend reading. The LexisNexis Workers’ Compensation Law Community published two... More

BRB: Grocery Worker Could Not Satisfy Longshore Status Requirement

Claimant was responsible for transporting groceries from employer’s inland warehouse to staging areas within a port.  He was injured while moving an ice chest... More

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