Introducing the Loyola Current

The Loyola Maritime Law Journal is now publishing The Loyola Current, a quarterly newsletter discussing emerging issues in maritime law.  As explained by the Journal’s Editor-In-Chief, Jordan C. McFaull:

The members of the Loyola Maritime Law Journal are excited to present the inaugural issue of the Loyola Current.  The Current is a quarterly newsletter written, edited and published by students of Loyola University New Orleans College of Law.  The purpose of the newsletter is to provide maritime attorneys with a concise statement of emerging issues in maritime law.  The Current contains both short articles as well [as] case summaries that focus on cases that have been handed down during the previous three months.  Student articles are reviewed by Advisory Board members of the LMLJ who each contribute their expertise in a particular field of maritime law.  Our ultimate goal is to produce a reliable and informative source of maritime news and commentary for our practitioner-readers.

The Current will be disseminated in an electronic format and will be provided free of charge to maritime practitioners across the country.  For this first issue we would like to ask our readers to provide feedback as to what they liked and didn’t like, what information they thought was helpful, and what information they thought should have been included.  Your comments and suggestions will help to improve The Current for future issues.  With a new infusion of seventeen Candidates coupled with our returning members, I am pleased to announce that 2013-2014 is shaping-up to be a fantastic year of energetic growth for the Loyola Maritime Law Journal as well as the newly established Loyola Current.

The Loyola Current is a great idea, and I am looking forward to future issues. Also, The Current started a blog site, which is available through this link (or through the Navigable Waters Blogroll).  There is a contact page.  Perhaps that is where practitioners can sign up for future e-mail submissions from The Current.