Hercules Offshore Finished with Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

In September of this year, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Delaware approved Hercules Offshore’s restructuring plan, which proposed to give control of the company to its bondholders in exchange for debt forgiveness. Under the plan, the bondholders swap out $1.2 Billion in debt for control of the company. The bondholders pledged a $450 million dollar loan to fund the company’s exit, which would fast-track its exit out of Chapter 11. With a signed deal with the bondholders, along with its 900 million in revenue, and roughly 80 million in cash on hand, Hercules Offshore believed it was in a good position to overcome the industry’s downturn due to record low oil prices. At the time of the approved restructuring plan, the company stated it hoped to be out of bankruptcy by November.


True to its word, during the first week of November, the company confirmed it has completed its financial restructuring and has emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy.