Georges Legrand and Michael Neuner Obtain Defense Judgment in Hotly Contested Maritime Death Case

Congratulations to Georges Legrand and Michael Neuner! Since 2020, Georges and Michael have been defending a double death maritime case in which several crew members from an inland towboat traveled in their company skiff to a barroom on the Morgan City-Port Allen Route. At the time, the towboat they were assigned to was pushed in on that route, southbound, waiting to lock through. After some of the crew members consumed large amounts of alcohol, on a return trip to the towboat, there was an accident.  A captain/pilot and deckhand on the skiff drowned.

Allegations were made that our client, which was northbound on the route, collided with the skiff on the return trip. Limitation actions were filed by both the seamen’s employer and our client. The estates for both decedents asserted claims against their employer as well as our client, alleging that our client’s tow collided with the skiff. The claims of the deckhand’s estate were settled with both “defendants” before trial. In addition, the employer of the pilot/captain settled with his estate and family before trial. As a result, his estate and family proceeded to trial solely against our client.

The case was tried before District Judge John deGravelles in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana in January 2023. The court has now issued Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law in which it exonerated our client and dismissed all claims against it, with prejudice. Feel free to contact Georges or Michael if you would like further information regarding this decision.

In the Matter of Chester J Marine, LLC consolidated with In the Matter of Yazoo River Towing, Inc.